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Leak Detection & Repair

Leak Detection & Repair

Aquaforce are preferred Service Partners to many of the UK's leading water companies. Providing first class experienced engineers we carry out leak detection works and associated tasks on a daily basis throughout the country for the growing number of customers who wish to conserve water and reduce their domestic water bills.

At Aquaforce we utilise latest generation detection equipment and have highly experienced engineers each possessing 20 years + experience within the water industry. If you suspect, or know you have an underground water leak at your premises then we can offer a range of leakage services to rectify the problem from a one off leak detection survey to location, repair & reinstatement in one cost effective hit.

Leak detection:
If you suspect a leak in your home but are unsure of its location we can offer a fully comprehensive leak detection survey, this survey will see our engineer locate leakage and advise of it's location plus the next course of action required.

During this survey we will attempt to locate leakage precisely - this outcome is achieved in the vast majority of visits. As all detection surveys differ due to site conditions, pipe material, number of fittings & ambient noise levels it should be noted that not all leaks can be pinpointed on a first visit, in this rare instance Aquaforce have the knowledge & experience to give detailed recommendations to our customers which in turn will deliver the most cost effective way to aid the process of leak location.

Find and Fix:
At Aquaforce we understand the frustration & cost a leakage problem can trigger that's why we offer a Find & Fix Service. This service is a one hit solution to leakage problems and consists of firstly pinpointing leakage then being equipped to carry out the necessary repair and reinstatement in the same visit, this service eliminates the need for multiple contractors and costly time delays waiting for repairs to take place.

Leak repair:

If you are confident of a leak location we can attend your home at a convenient time to carry out the required repair. Again, we will liaise closely with your staff to minimise any disruption to the day to day running of the business and provide the necessary plant, machinery and manpower to undertake the work from excavation right through to reinstatement.