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Domestic Gas Services

Gas Services

Aquaforce offer a comprehensive gas solution, including pipework repairs and new installations through to inspections of appliances, fire and cooker installations and maintenance through to regular Landlord Certificates. In addition, we also offer pre-purchase reports on a property that you are looking to purchase or rent to confirm that there are no gas leaks or gas related issues.

Pipework repairs and installations

We employ a team of highly skilled and experienced engineers who are all registered on the Gas Safe Register (formerly CORGI). We are always on hand to deal with any issues relating to gas pipework and fittings inside a property, including gas leak detection.

Gas fire and cooker installations

We can install a cooker or fire that may have already been purchased or alternatively we can provide a selection of brochures for customers to choose a new appliance. We will then take care of the whole process from the purchase through to the installation.

Landlord certificates/ Safety inspections

We have been selected by a large number of commercial and domestic clients to carry out landlord certificates and safety inspections. We are flexible and carry out the work at a time that suits the customer. We will also inform the customer when the property next requires a landlord certificate. We can arrange a package to suit all customers, whether this is a single property or a large group of properties throughout the UK.

Symptoms of gas problems

Smelling Gas: Causes can be a gas leak in the home or outside, faulty gas appliances such as boilers, gas fires, cookers and other appliances.

High Gas Bills: Causes may be faulty gas meter and faulty gas appliances that need servicing or replacing.

Headaches, Dizziness, Nausea, Memory Loss and Fatigue: Causes may be poisonous gas leaks in the home such as Carbon Monoxide which is omitted from poorly maintained appliances such as boilers, fires and cookers etc