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Domestic Heating

Domestic Heating

Aquaforce offer an extensive heating service which covers the design, installation, repair and maintenance of central heating systems, chemical flushes, radiators, boilers, cylinders, thermostats and tank solutions.

Central Heating Systems

We offer an expert service in the design, repair, installation and maintenance of central heating systems for commercial and domestic properties. Whether this is a new central heating system, rectifying a problem with an existing one, a central heating chemical flush, radiators that require bleeding, thermostats checking or cylinders replacing, then we can help. We can supply and install a single radiator or a full set of new radiators including modern style towel warmers


We install, repair and maintain commercial and domestic boilers. We also offer a first class boiler service maintenance programme to ensure that the boilers continue to operate correctly. We will notify customers prior to a boiler being serviced and arrange a visit at a convenient timeThere are many benfits of having your boiler serviced, these include:-
Protection against Carbon Monoxide: Badly maintained gas appliances can emit Carbon Monoxide Gas which is lethal.
Ensures that Guarantees are Valid: As with all heating appliances, the boiler should be serviced annually to ensure that it is operating efficiently and safely and that all guarantees are valid.
Reduce Repair Costs:
Regular servicing of boilers will ensure that it is operating to the specifications designed by the boiler manufacturer, helping to prolong the life age of the boiler in addition to reducing the risk of faults and expensive repairs at a later date.

Central Heating Chemical Flush

- Is your central heating system slow to warm up?
- Are some radiators completely or partially cold?
- Is the radiator water dirty or discoloured?
- Are there kettling noises from the boiler?
- Have you had recent pump failures?

Any of these symptoms could indicate that the system has circulation and flow problems resulting from internal corrosion and the subsequent formation of rust, sludge and scale deposits. A powerflush can restore circulation and efficiency to the heating system by removing these undesirable products. A powerflush would purge them from the system and replace aggressive water with clean water. These are chemically treated with corrosion inhibitor to prevent further problems.